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Dec 21, 2009

We have moved!!!! This blog will no longer be used! Visit www.pypbybre.com/blog from now on to keep up with my recent shoots, and daily chats!! Thank you old blog, you will be missed!!!

Dec 9, 2009


Hey there!

So.... I have a few new things headed your way! I am in the process of building my new and even more amazing blog!! I am so so so EXCITED about this! It's something totally different and fun! You will love it i promise! Also, i have some fun new products i am putting together! I will have an example of one very very soon! ;))) (that is an extra, extra BIG smile, if you were wondering) Last but not least, just thought i should let you all know I LOVE YA!!



xoxo Bre

check back soon......

Dec 8, 2009

"till now, i've always been a quitter..." -Carrie Underwood

Diamond Fam (29)

{FAM} 09 (127) 2

Dec 6, 2009

"Diamonds are a photographers best friend..." ha ha

Ok, so that was pretty witty and you all know it!! ;) If you couldn't guess, this lovely family are the Diamonds! So cute, fun, and GORGEOUS!!!! I will just stop rambling and let you see for yourself!! ENJOY!

Diamond Fam (16)

Diamond Fam (47)

Diamond Fam (145)

Diamond Fam (132)

Diamond Fam (113)

Diamond Fam (59)

Diamond Fam (142)

Diamond Fam (72)

Diamond Fam (121)

Diamond Fam (14)

"The Campbell Family"

WOW!! Can you say good looking family! Not to mention funny, and sweet ta boot! I had a blast working with you all! I know i told you only a few sneak peeks, but honestly i couldn't "just pick a few" they all turned out SOOO FLIPPIN CUTE!!! Take a look for yourself!!! ENJOY!!!!! ;)

Mom & Dad

Amber Fam
LOVE THIS!!!!! Definitely canvas worthy! ;)

Amanda Fam


Parker Fam
This would be Parker, pretty sure he is the cutest little stinker on earth!!! ; )
Parker Collage

Dec 3, 2009

My favorite little people!

Had to share this other pic. I think its so cute in innocent!! ;)


Dec 2, 2009

Pritchett Family 2009

Thanks Pritchett Family! I had a blast with you once again! Holli & Mike you have such a great, beautiful family, and i am so happy to know all of you!! ;) Enjoy!!Pritchett Fam (65)

Pritchett Fam (37)

Pritchett Fam (5)

Pritchett Fam (23)

Pritchett Fam (27)

Pritchett Fam (72)

Pritchett Fam (31)

Pritchett Fam (11)

Pritchett Fam (61)

Pritchett Fam (8)

Pritchett Fam (50)

Pritchett Fam (67)

Pritchett Fam (69)

Pritchett Fam (83)

**Pritchett Sneek Peek**

Here a couple teasers from my shoot on Sunday. More on the way! ;)
Pyp By: Bre

Pritchett Fam (81)_1

Pritchett Fam (40)

Meet ME, BRE!!

Hello!! So, Garrett, (my hubby) took some pix of me the other day in my in-laws backyard! This is me 99.9% of the time! I thought they were kinda funny! As you can tell, i CANNOT just smile and be cutesy in front of the camera.... ha! Thus the reason i am always behind one! Well hope you likey... FYI, there is a very fun post on it's way, keep an eye out!! ;)

PYP By: Bre

Bre Curtis

Nov 24, 2009

Christmas Cards!!

Hey guys! I FINALLY have my Christmas Cards for this year! I LOVE them, very fun and fresh! They are all fully customizable so you can match them with your photos. They can be double sided if you'd like with a photo from your session or coordinating with the front of the card, i will show and example on one of them!
Here are the full details:
-They come in a 5x7 size and ARE NOT, printed on photo paper. They will come printed on what is called Pearl Matte Paper, it is cardstock quality paper and has a little shimmer to it. It's SO SO CUTE!! You will LOVE them!
-They come with envelopes!
-The cards come in increments of 25. Meaning you can order 25, 50, 75, 100 etc. If you only need 40 cards you would have to order 50.
-The cost is $2.00 per card











Here is an example of the back of the card above, it doesn't have to be just like this, remember all of these cards are customizable!! ;)

CC01 Back